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MultiPlay Smart Input is breakthrough technology providing a dramatically-improved data entry method for use in the fast-growing mobile phone market. This ¡§software keyboard¡¨ solution offers full PC-style functionality for easy and fast entry of text, symbols and numbers on a regular mobile phone keypad. Uniquely, it adds functions such as Select, Cut, Copy and Paste to smart handheld devices. The system is intuitive and very easy to learn. By using the phone¡¦s pointing device to navigate an on-screen display of directionally-mapped keys, it provides a complete multi-dimensional keyboard. The system can be implemented in over 40 languages and on various OS platforms.

How it Works - Keytouch Enhanced Predictive text
* When pressing ¡§OK¡¨ to select additional word candidates with word-completion, the OSD (On-Screen-Display) will guide the user to the desired choice.
Wide Format Support
Works with your OS of choice:
Microsoft Windows 6
Custom OS for feature phones and other handheld devices
Language support
Worldwide languages ¡V Western European, Eastern European, right-to-left languages such as Arabic, Asian, double-byte languages such as Japanese, Chinese and Korean.
Cellphone-specific language - Database compiled and screened by local linguists to be culturally-sensitive, typical to cellphone use.
OEM Support
Technical support - We offer support and assistance with any possible implementation problems.
SDK package - Contains a set of libraries, full documentation, sample code, and selected language databases.

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