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Learn to use MultiPlay Smart Input
Want to know how it works? Follow the Flash tutorial to see the four major features in MultiPlay Smart Input:

2."Letter-after-letter, number-after-numberˇ¨, without switching modes
4.PC-style functionality: ˇ§Select, Copy, Cut, Pasteˇ¨

Mobile Life Story  
In today's fast moving world, more and more people rely on mobile communications to get information, deal with business, stay in touch with family, and even to be entertained anytime, anywhere.ˇ@Whether for email or SMS, we all want smarter input for fast, efficient communication.

See the way MultiPlay Smart Input can shape your working life to be more convenient, efficient and comfortable.

Title: Work Smart
Duration: 1' 11"

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Keytouch's company and product information are available for downloading in Adobe PDF file format
Company Information
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User Manual
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