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Keytouch Inc. Licenses MultiPlay Chinese to HTC
Easy and fast Chinese-language text entry for HTC mobile devices
Los Angeles, CA (USA) and Taipei - Dec. 12, 2007 - Keytouch Inc., a technology licensing & product development company for mobile text input solutions, today announced that it has licensed its breakthrough :software keyboard; text entry solution MultiPlay Chinese to High Tech Computer Corp. (HTC), the world's leading provider of Microsoft Windows Mobile-based smart devices.

Keytouch・s MultiPlay Chinese input has been integrated into HTC・s new PDA phone lineup with Windows Mobile 6, Touch Dual, just launched last month in Taiwan and Hong Kong markets. In fact, several HTC models have implemented Keytouch・s MultiPlay Chinese such as C720w, C730 and C500, for local market needs. As can be expected, there are more models coming into the Asia markets soon.

:We are very excited to work with HTC to implement Keytouch・s MultiPlay Chinese input software into their innovative smart handsets,; said Leon Chang, CEO of Keytouch Inc. :With our advanced predictive text input and PC-style functionality, users can take advantage of MultiPlay and enjoy our intuitive method for entering Chinese characters in emails, SMS, and mobile IM solutions. Of particular advantage is that this works on any mobile device, no matter if it is a 12-keypad phone, QWERTY keyboard, PDA Smartphone or hybrid-keyboard model.;

Keytouch・s MultiPlay Chinese input is aimed specifically at the market for smart handheld devices in Asia Pacific. It supports input formats like Pinyin, Zhu Yin, Stroke and Changjie. MultiPlay Chinese offers an intuitive user interface with advanced predictive text, personalized user database, and auto-learning system. It even enables PC-like functionality for easy and fast entry of text, symbols and numbers on a regular mobile phone keypad.

For more detailed usage instruction, the user manual can be downloaded at

About Keytouch
Keytouch Inc. is a technology licensing & product development company on Mobile Input solutions. The company is headquartered in California, USA and conducts worldwide business development based on a patented data-entry technology. The breakthrough technology addresses the data entry problem experienced in the fast growing mobile phone market. The software keyboard solution enables full PC text & functionality entries on a regular mobile phone keypad with Predictive Text capability. The cost-effective algorithm could be implemented in any current product within a 3-months lead-time.

About MultiPlay
MultiPlay Smart Input is breakthrough technology providing a dramatically-improved data entry method for use in the fast-growing mobile phone market. This :software keyboard; solution offers full PC-style functionality for easy and fast entry of text, symbols and numbers on a regular mobile phone keypad. Uniquely, it adds functions such as Select, Cut, Copy and Paste to smart handheld devices. The system is intuitive and very easy to learn. By using the phone・s pointing device to navigate an on-screen display of directionally-mapped keys, it provides a complete multi-dimensional keyboard.

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