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Company Overview
Keytouch Inc. is a technology licensing & product development company in the field of mobile input solutions. This company, headquartered in California, is the holder of several soft-key patents, which dramatically improve data entry with reduced keypads on mobile devices, and represents a fundamental improvement over existing technology.
Breakthrough Technology
Breakthrough TechnologyThe breakthrough technology addresses the data entry problem experienced in the fast-growing mobile phone market. The software keyboard solution enables full PC text entry functionality on a regular mobile phone keypad with Predictive Text capability, and offers over 40 language databases on various OS platforms. The cost-effective algorithm can be implemented in any current product within a 3-months lead-time.
Design Principles
All products at Keytouch are designed with three user-focused principles in mind
Potential Markets
The Keytouch solution, while primarily aimed at cell phones, can be applied to any reduced-function keyboard devices íV GPSs, remote controls (Digital Home), ATMs, touch-screen kiosks, smart appliances, and telematics.
Apart from pursuing near-term expanding markets, Keytouch is also enthusiastically committed to the development of future intelligent human interface technologies.

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