Keytouch Input Technology
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Installation procedure:
(1) Copy the downloaded "Keytouch Input" (.apk) file to your Android device
(2) Install it with Android Application Installer app
(3) After installation completes, open the "Keytouch Input" application
(4) In the SetUp menu,  Enable "Keytouch Input"
(5) Set "Keytouch Input" as the default input method
(6) Done

The Keytouch Input soft-keyboard will be displayed whenever a data entry field is pointed and clicked by the mouse pointer.
Use the 5-way D-Pad mode (instead of the mouse pointing mode) of your remote control to input.  Refer to the on-screen "Input Tips" for more options
(System requirements: Resolution: 720P or 1080P. OS: Android 4.2 or above)